Bowler Supply offers a wide variety of lighting, sound, and video products to enhance your bowling centers look and feel. We have several varieties of lighting equipment we offer to really give your center that WOW factor for parties, special occasions, as well as open bowling events.

Our lighting ranges from basic LED light strips to high end LED color wash fixtures for indoor or exterior uses. We also offer standard LED white light and black light retro fit kits for everyday or glow bowl use. We have what it takes to give your bowling centers that extra WOW. Appeal to individuals of all ages, from those looking to simply bowl for recreation and parties, to others who bowl for sport. Light up your bowler's experience with a splash of color and enhance their experience with a well illuminated bowling center.

We also offer Panasonic HD projectors in various lumens with Vutec low voltage or RF remote control screens enhanced by Crestron integration systems to make operation of our systems a breeze with the touch of a finger from your control counter.


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