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Currently we only sell online to our wholesale shops/bowling centers/pro shops . We do not accept registration for anyone selling out of their home.


New Customer Registration

This form is for customers who currently do not have an account with us. Please provide the details below to begin the process, so we may set you up an account.

In addition to the form below, you will be required to submit 3 additional forms. Those forms are:

Please fill out, sign, and email those forms to salesinquiry@bowlerssupply.com. We are not able to open an account until all the paperwork has been filled out and returned to Bowlers Supply.

Please see our password request form if you have an account currently with us



Must be a business with an EIN and physical business location.
Please separate names by commas if there are multiple owners.
if applicable
For billing communication.
This email will receive correspondence for all invoicing/billing related purposes.
This email will receive monthly correspondence of all activity on the account for the month.
If you wish to pay credit card, we will keep the credit card on file to charge on the date your items are delivered. Our salesmen will pick up cash on delivery if you wish to pay cash.